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Monday, January 25, 2010

What are the components of dotnet framework?

Hi guys,
In the last article we have discussed about the introduction to the dotnet framework and what exactly the dotnet framework is all about! What the dotnet framework is and what not!

Now we will continue of discussion with the components of the .net framework and we will see a sample program in c#.

Various components of .NET framework are:
  • Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • Base Class Libraries (BCL)
  • Framework Class Library (FCL, it is the superset of BCL above)
The following picture gives more idea

What is actually the DotNet Framework is ?

Hi guys,
               How are you all? I am doing good. Anyway straight to the point. I want to make clear of some doubts that so many newbies to dotnet world are facing today.

What exactly the dotnet framework is?
The dotnet framework is not a programming language (I want to stress the word NOT here). Because i heard from so many people saying that ' I am learning new language that is dotnet'. I am sorry if you also think the same way. Its a blunder if you say dotnet is a programming language.

Okay, we have concluded that donet is not a programming language, then what is it? Yes dotnet is a framework which includes a runtime (CLR short form for Common Language Runtime) and the base class libraries (libraries are nothing but the predefined classes and functions like header files in c and c++). DotNet framework also includes other components which we will discuss later ( you may be confused with all of them in the beginning).

How to convert string to integer in c# without the predefined functions or methods

Hi guys,

Here is an interesting post for you all. How to convert a string input (e.g. "123", "325", or "1346" ) to an integer without using the predefined or library functions provided by dotnet framework (or c# language library functions).

Its pretty easy one to implement once you get an idea about it.

Here is a sample code for converting string to an integer using the technique "ascii characters".


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