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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Clipboard Hack Problem Internet Explorer Security Tip

Clipboard Hack Problem - Shocking news about CTRL+C:  View Demo

CTRL + C is the most useful action that we use everyday. But, I have found this to be very dangerous with internet explorer and netscape navigator. Because, your clipboard text (which you have copied by pressing CTRL+C on your system) can be easily retrieved by the websites, if they really wish to do so.

Imagine a scenario, when you tried to copy your account number or password or any other personal information on your system, it will be saved (or copied) into the clipboard (temperory buffer in your operating system). Then if you open the website (one who intentionally try to access your personal information, i.e. the hackers) knowingly or unknowingly. Thats is it, they are done with their work. You need not do anything on your own. Your information is copied and they can access the information from the clipboard and use it for illegal activities.

So be very careful my dear friends. This will work in internet explorer and netscape navigator only. This is not possible with google chrome,mozilla firefox or any other browser. Remeber, today the most used browser around the world is internet explorer. So just avoid these kind of attacks and be on safe side.

Follow the steps below to safeguard yourself from clipboard hack:
  1. GoTo internet option --> Security
  2. Press custom level
  3. Under allow paste operations via script, Select "Disable" radio button
 Your are done with the security setup. Now, your browsing is safe than before. Enjoy the browing

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