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Thursday, July 22, 2010

how to remove FREE MOBILE RECHARGE virus in orkut


This article has the reference to the previous post ORKUT SECURITY TIPS. In the previous article I warned everyone not to run script (Javascripts) in the browsers (In which you opened orkut account) address bar. But still most of our best buddies have done it successfully ;-)

So I need to write this post for them. Try to follow these steps and never execute or run any scripts in the browser window (whatever may be the situation). This even some times deletes your account. In most worst cases the hacker may mis use your account details for illegal purposes (black mailing, sending adult content to your friends in your account)

What we the users can do to stop this ?

→ Report the URLs at

→ Stop script (running javascripts in Orkut).

→ Tell freinds about these scams and to be safe.

→ Delete the auto-generated scam thread in the communities.

What happens when the script runs ?

→ Edit your about me, status and even picture.

→ Send scraps to your friends to run the script.

→ Post threads on the communities you joined.

→ Comment on photos of your friends

→ Send testimonials etc.

I have already run the script. Now what can i do ?

→ Clear cookies and Cache

→ Change your account settings ie, password & security question.

→ Edit your about me, status etc which was changed by the script.

→ Never run any type of scripts again.

----- ≡≡ BE SAFE ≡≡

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  1. It's very nice vijay keep posting such articles....


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