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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Orkut - What is Bom Sabado!

Orkut - What is Bom Sabado!

Orkut has flooded with the Bom Sabado scrap messages from this morning. This is a type of spam (virus) that is been fed into the accounts. It is being looked into by the Orkut team (Google). Please be patient, because almost all the accounts have been affected with this.
Till now there is no evidence that the private information loss / any other mischief by the virus. The patch work is being done so we can wait for 1 or more days to get this problem solved.

  • Don't open the orkut account till this problem (Bom Sabado) has been resolved.
  • Change the Google account password
  • Also, make the status invisible (don't login to chat if possible) till it is solved.
  • Don't reply to the message that you recieved ("Bom Sabado")
Happy Orkuting....

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